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The War Begins Here - 85%

Petrus_Steele, June 16th, 2019
Written based on this version: 1989, CD, Earache Records

Only a year after a fantastic debut from In Battle There Is No Law!, Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness gnashes at you with heavily down-tuned instruments and blasting drums, along with the refined and scary death growls from Karl! Should've titled this bastard as 'Heavy'. From D standard they went as down as A standard, which I think is the first time a death metal band, let alone a metal band tuned this low. The production is also better, but much different than what the debut showcased. This album was also the band's kickstarter, launching them into recognition. As traditional as times were before the early 90s, this was the heaviest material back in the day (no pun intended). This album, in the traditional sense IS the definition of what death metal is.

Eternal War is a short, yet grindy track. The blast beats are eargasmatic, the riffs are too good, Karl is just tearing it with his death growls right in your face - I can almost consider this track scary. My favorite song, Through the Eye of Terror is substantially long enough to offer a lot of music, giving the album has some short tracks. It's groovy, the drums are insane, and I love the part before the second chorus. The guitars contemplate a lot in that part. Dark Millennium's first 40 seconds are groovy as hell! The overall track is fantastic regardless. I love the strict drumming and the oddly pitched harmonics of the guitars in Plague Bearer. This is the third song that maintains menacing heaviness. It might sound repetitive compared to the other two short tracks, but didn't mind it that much. The grindcore influence in Drowned in Torment is INSANE! Just do yourselves a favor and listen to this track, you'd be bashing things while listening to this. The title track is self-explanatory in terms of the music. While it sounded more standard, it's still got the same deliverance as the other shorter tracks I mentioned.

Before getting into the album, the intro/outro are just fillers to complement the war that is about to begin in Eternal War and end in Prophet of Hatred. I liked All That Remains's doom metal style in the intro and the explosive guitar solo outro, but it got boring between the choruses. Even the death growls sounded underwhelming. Same with Lost Soul Domain. The problem I found with World Eater is its repetitiveness. The riffs are too catchy, they're not interesting like other tracks. Two minutes after the long intro then you get into the groove and shredding guitar solo, but that wait took some time that wasn't worth waiting for. Fun fact: the song's ending is the beginning of the song Cenotaph on the third album, War Master (so keep in mind the sound will be very different). Unfortunately, I couldn't get into Prophet of Hatred. It sounds awesome, but something about it didn't caught my attention. I think it lost its charm since all the parts with the blast beats were the best.

I gotta be honest. When I first listened to this album I hardly liked it I'd probably give it 10%, so I'm glad it grew on me through its versatility and have a newfound appreciation for it (and excuse me for using the word 'Groovy' too much, I just can't find a better word to describe my utmost appreciation for the music in this album). This record is very remarkable and a staple in the history of the genre. As I mentioned above, this record was the heaviest shit before brutal death metal was introduced. By margin, I still think the debut is a little better, while this album is just established well. The A standard tuning I found to be quite a bold move, but shoot it was executed so well, complemented by the sound and production, all the songs on the album should never be re-recorded or covered in different tunings because the tuning itself brought upon this world wreaking brutality.

Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness is just great! It's very solid and should be part of the influences of many more death metal bands for years to come - because come on, the Warhammer 40,000 cover, the logo, to theorize and practice how it should look and sound is a work of art. I wasn't too sure on the best tracks the album had to offer, so objectively I found the best ones to be Eternal War, Through the Eye of Terror, and Drowned in Torment.