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I'm speechless... - 100%

Headbangingmadness, July 20th, 2014

Oh... my... god... No words would ever be able to fully describe how amazing this album is. Everything about it is just perfection. I remember specifically the day I first listened to this album. I had been just getting into death metal. I only knew bands like Cannibal Corpse, Death, and Possessed. I remember going to the record store and looking at the metal section when this album caught my eye. A person saw me staring at it next to me. He told me that I would not regret buying this album. He washing fucking right.

First off. this has some of the most killer artwork that I've ever seen. It's actually one of the things that got me into Warhammer 40K. You just think of pure warfare and destruction every time you look at it. It's just so epic. It fits the music of this album perfectly because that's what this album. Pure fucking warfare!

Secondly, another notable feature about this album is just the speed. It's brutally fast. The drums just never let up. The way it accompanies the guitar is just perfect. In most death metal albums that I've heard it would have small parts of the song where it just goes crazy fast and stops after only like 5-10 seconds. Not this. It just goes crazy fast for almost the whole song. Notable examples of this can be found on Lost Souls Domain, Eternal War, and World Eater. Every time you would hear it you would just want to head bang until your entire skull gets ripped off. Probably one of my favorite parts of this album.

Another thing worth mentioning is those vocals. Man they are some of the most brutal growls that I have ever heard. They are the definition of just anger. You can't find any vocals angrier than these. What's even greater is that you can actually tell perfectly what he's saying. It always maintains that crunchy and murky tone to it while at the same time being clear. It's something that Chris Barnes could have never done. He has that crunch feel but you can't tell shit what he's saying.

So if you ever feel like you want to listen to more death metal and you don't know Bolt Thrower, give this album a listen. This, in my opinion, is the greatest death metal album ever made. Nothing beats it. Not Altars of Madness, Tomb of the Mutilated, not even any album by Death. This is the real deal. This is the epitome of what death metal is meant to be.

Best Tracks: Eternal War, All That Remains, World Eater, Drowned In Torment.