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Bloody heavy and crusty - 90%

morbert, June 6th, 2007

Sofar (up till 2007) there are only two Bolt Thrower albums that would get less than 90 points from me and 'In Battle The Is No Law' is definately NOT one of them! I consider the album something pretty different in their discography. That is because of the sound (production) and the still obvious hardcore punk attitude of it. It is by far the most filthy album they ever released and it still reeks of squatters after all these years.

Though it can be said it is their most sloppy and monotome album to date, it has a certain charme. That much of a charme that I never seize to love it. The titletrack remains a classic Bolt Thrower song even though it just rages on in a non syncopated way after 2 minutes of introduction. Of course a whole lot of the songs are pretty much alike, and especially the drums are the weakest point of the album but it's the entire atmosphere of the album that hypnotises from start to finish. The guitars are not that heavy as on later albums but their sound is beyond frightening (in a good way), also Karl Willets is far from his best here.

Highlights are, as said, the titletrack with its superb yet simple intro (spoken words, drumbeat and screaming guitars) and also 'Concession Of Pain' which starts of great with a solo and has the most catchy chorus. Also there are plenty of good riffs to be found throughout the album ('Psychological Warfare', 'Blind To Defeat', 'Forgotten Existence' for instance) though less 'melodic' than on future releases.

As I mentioned before, the quality of the album lies not within individual songs but the album in its entirety. The ‘bad’ sound and monotomy are two key elements here. There is no album that sounds even close to 'In Battle The is Law'. And that it saying something.