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Improving again though not there yet - 88%

morbert, June 12th, 2007

After the fairly decent but rather disappointing ‘Mecenary’, it took Bolt Thrower three years to come up with ‘Honour Valour Pride’. Considering the time spent, they could (and should) have come up with something better. Is it bad? No, It’s better than ‘Mecenary’ but it just wasn’t good enough yet.

Vocalist Dave Ingram does a decent job here although he does try too hard to sound like Karl Willets instead of trusting his own strength. A missed opportunity from that point of view but it does result in typical Bolt Thrower vocals over a typical Bolt Thrower album.

The material is mostly mid and slow paced like its predecessor but this time there is more groove and more melody. This results in the album being slightly more varied and interesting. Just enough to keep ones interest going till the end. The first song ‘Contact Wait Out’ including its intro has become my personal highlight of the album and remains one of my favourite songs from their entire discography.

‘Honour Valour Pride’ was definitely better than ‘Mecenary’ but still not a good as everything they’d done up from 1987 to 1994.