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background music - 64%

UltraBoris, August 8th, 2004

This is definitely not a foreground album... it is too repetitive and variation-free to keep an active listener's interest. That said, it is not bad... if you put it on and engage your mind with other means, this will not turn irritating. Therefore, it is perfect background music, especially if you like thrash or death metal. Every once in a while you will perk up to a good riff, but then it will lose your attention again.

The music itself is pretty good... it's death-thrash and hearing one song in isolation would be an altogether pleasing experience. The production is good, the riffage is HEAVY AS FUCK without being grindy or modern, and the vocals are excellent... a solid thrash/early Swedish Death (Dismember, etc) foundation is used, but the music is rather midpaced as opposed to fast. The thing is, all the songs are the same pace, similar riffs, same vocals, etc... no differentiating cues are to be found.

Highlights? I really couldn't tell you. My Winamp crashed during one of the songs, and when I put it back, I think I put it back to the song before, because it sounded a bit too familiar, but I couldn't tell you if that was the case. That doesn't say much for its memorability. Again, it's not BAD, just uncaptivating.