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Honour Valour Pride...Klingons - 87%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 24th, 2004

I bought this album because I wanted something heavier than my daily dose of Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Kreator..etc. All the other bands I listen to everyday. Well this album is damn heavy, as far as death metal goes...they are the heaviest death metal band I have heard without turing into Deathcore, Noisecore, or having some core music elements added to it.

From start to finish this album is heavy, and one of the most consistent albums I have ever heard. Throughout the entire album its pure heavy death metal. Each song following the previous one is just as heavy, just loud, and just as brutal. What makes this album so damn heavy is the bands brutal guitars. Each song is filled with rolling riffs that never relent in their heavyness and at times just go on and on, giving you more of what you want. Its a nonstop assult of heavy guitars, loud angry drums, and bass lines to make the ground shake. At times the music gets a bit slow but doesn't get less heavy, this is usually when the vocals come in. Other than that though its a pretty fast album. The vocals are just as consitent as the rest of the instruments. They are deep, heavy, and overall good death metal vocals, they aren't anything special, I have heard much better, but they do fit the style of the songs well.

This is just about the same as most of Bolt Thrower's other releases but at times slower. You can still find the fast riffs and guitar work through out this album though, they are certainly not lacking. Like I said though, if you want a fast death metal album thats heavy, go for other Bolt Thrower albums, this one does have its slower moments. This album overall though is good for what it is, heavy brutal relentless death metal. There is nothing on this album I hate, but it fails to hit a high note...the album is just the same throughout, heavy and good.