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Definitely Captivating - 100%

Mortifer_Hellfire, March 14th, 2007

This is probably THE best Bolt Thrower album to date. The reason maybe being a different vocalist. Somehow Dave Ingram is just perfect for Bolt Thrower. His rasping vocals are so vicious that I feel that there is an overwhelming emotion into it. More than Karls' dry grunts. Not a bad word to you, Karl. Your voice still rocks, but I prefer Dave. It

Dave also understands the fine art of timing and articulating. In almost every song there is a special moment where the sound of the words is accentuated, somehow to emphasize the intens meaning behind that particular phrase. Such as the line "Awaken life immortal, one last bitter retreat " from the song Contact: Wait Out. Shame he had to leave (medical discharge according to the BT homepage).

The album is in perfect balance, the only flaw might be Valour as this one doesn't really keep sticking in my mind. All the rest is there coupled with a superb guitar sound, rapid fire drums and tank/bass. Somehow I feel that this album has got a slightly different sound than 'normal' Bolt Thrower. The guitars are crunchier, the drums seem to have more reverb. The build-up of this album reminds me of how Black Metallers compose there album with an eerie introductional song and a dramatic ending.

A special note to the lyricist: I don't know if it is written by only Ingram or by the whole BT gang, but; PRAISE!!! Pure fucking poetry! Superlatives are not powerful enought to stress the perfect vision of a trenchwar or a panzer-battle. It really highlights the transcendental and sinister qualities of war. I even doubt if this should be categorised as Death Metal. Honour, Valour, Pride is almost ethereal in its entire structure and rises far above both the fancy shredders and mediocre stomping death metal. This is pure art in all its simplicity.

Vocal highlights:
1st verse of Inside The Wire
1st and last verse of Honour
last verse of Suspect Hostile
3rd verse and the missing lyrics of Pride

Musical highlights: all except Valour