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Never Gets old - 92%

Mike27, October 1st, 2006

This album is pure death metal.

What i have always liked about Bolt Thrower is their absolute straightforeward approach. There somewhat unique lyrical theme is 100% war, not much else. No gore, satan, anything. And their sound. Just pure head smashing straightforeward death metal. They havent changed much over the years, and have maintained pretty much the exact same sound with the exeption of production quality. They still manage to be, in my opinion, one of the best death metal bands ever.

This album rivals for their best with IVth crusade and Mercenary, but I think it may just win that battle. It is hard to write a review for Bolt Thrower, becuase they never sound all that much different, but what sets this album apart from the others is the songs. To be the best Bolt Thrower album means to have the most pounding, head bangable, catchy (at least for a death metal band) songs. Ones that you can listen to over and over again. That is just what H.V.P. has.

I dont need to describe the music itself much, because if you've heard any Bolt Thrower you pretty much know what to excpect. But for those new to B.T., I will give basic summary. Good standard drums, nothing too special. Excellent vocals, some of the best, and mos tolerable, death metal vocals out there. And probably the biggest factor, the guitar. B.T. is guitar driven, and it is probably the best, worst guitar you have ever heard. The riff pattern on most all B.T. songs are similar, and would be incredibly easy for anyone to play. As un-skilled sounding as they are, they are amazing, some of my favorite. Perfect to mosh, headbang, and quench the insatiable thirst we all have for great metal riffs. This basically describes Bolt Thrower. Honor Valor Pride is their best album because it makes the best songs using these elements.

The best song on this disc is Inside the Wire, and is probably close to No Guts No Glory for the best Bolt Thrower song. All of the songs are consistently good.

Classic, imo