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Boiling Blood - Lost Inside a Morbid World - 91%

Edmund Sackbauer, February 14th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Housemaster Records

Like one might have already guessed reading the band’s name Boiling Blood are a German band not playing melodic AOR but heavy hitting no-nonsense thrash metal. Although having been formed way back in 2003 it took the lads more than fifteen years to finally release a full length. The album is titled “Lost Inside a Morbid World” and while the innovation level is quite low the fun factor is sky-high.

Everyone familiar with the genre’s classics will have a pretty concrete picture about what to expect once the play button has been hit. Face melting riffs and lightning fast drumming delivered with precision and enthusiasm is what is on offer here. The main chops do not deviate too much from what the Bay Area heroes have already released for the thrash enthusiasts of the 80s and 90s. That being said Boiling Blood implemented a few twists and variations to the familiar chords by going up or down a keynote or shortly touching a trademark riff of a song again at another occasion.

While there are a few hints of related genres like death or heavy metal Boiling Blood mainly stay within the boundaries of traditional thrash metal. Hefty and relentless riffs are building the core of this record. The speed and the intensity are kept very high over the whole playing time with only a few passages where the tempo is slowed down and the listener gets a chance to breathe. However, the melodic harmonies and the fantastic hooks make the record a very enjoyable affair. The song structures are pretty stringent and while technical prowess plays an important role in certain sections the album has a great flow and it is pretty easy to get into the music. Some of the chorus parts are absolutely memorable and will stick with the listener from the first spin onwards.

Drummer Christian keeps firing on all cylinders and his delivery is insane. While there are tons of blast-beat sections the music always keeps a certain groove as well. He knows when to step back a little bit and let the often catchy melodies and the epic moments take center stage. Although he has joined just a few years ago it sounds as if the members have been playing together for a pretty long time as they are acting as a unit and not just like some solo artists practicing at the same time.

The vocals are fierce and powerful. From what I understand the main vocals are delivered by singer Peter with guitarists Ingo and Jochen also delivering some growls, screams and shouts making sure the listener’s blood keeps boiling.

The mix is transparent and powerful yet raw at the same time. Every instruments can be perfectly recognized so you also get a chance to identify some nice parts by bassist Michael. The artwork screams old school making the purchase of the physical version mandatory. Fans of the classic school of thrash (European as well as US) should not waste any time and get “Lost Inside a Morbid World”.