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Solid black metal - 70%

Noktorn, May 2nd, 2007

Body Serpent is a three-piece black metal group out of Quebec. You probably wouldn't know their nationality from their music: as opposed to moving towards viking/folk black or raw war black, this band takes the middle road, playing an older style of black metal with a pinch of influence from thrash and death each, giving their debut demo 'And The Came Duality' a fairly varied and interesting sound. However, the root is strictly in a traditional yet modern breed of black metal that we know inherently but would have trouble describing.

The demo clocks in at a surprisingly weighty half hour and seven tracks. Throughout, the music, while not terribly imaginative, does the job of creating solid, quality black metal compositions, without an excess of dawdling or fake progression. This doesn't mean that Body Serpent sticks merely to the most arbitrary of black metal elements; various acoustic interludes and clean vocal passages pop up, but never seem overbearing or excessive.

All instruments are played competently and cleanly, and production is fairly professional and clear, though I find the guitar tone a bit too buzzing for my tastes. Thrashy drumming and riffing is used, though not enough to drive the band into Aura Noir territory, they provide a pleasant deviation from the black metal base. Vocals are are adequate, though seemingly 'young' and in need of a bit more power. Overall, however, the demo manages to be solid and engaging throughout.

Overall, while still somewhat raw and lacking definition, Body Serpent has managed to create a solid piece of black metal with ''And Then Came Duality'. It's not very original, but it is well constructed and stands up after multiple listens. Worth checking out.