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Amazing - 87%

WindUpBird, May 30th, 2007

Memoria Vetusta I – Fathers of the Icy Age, well this is the last great CD released by Blut aus Nord, the rest pale in comparison to this and Ultima Thulée, that is not to say the other ones are bad, but this is the best of Blut aus Nord's discography. An epic concept CD clocking in at forty-five minutes with seven lengthy tracks, this CD never ceases to amaze me.

The atmosphere and production seem to go hand and hand here, the production is typical “grim” production with shit sound but it does not detract from the atmosphere of the CD, in fact it aids it, a good example of this is all of the track “The Territory of Witches / Guardians of the Dark Lake” in which everything blends together to create an astounding song.

The instruments and vocals are nothing to mind blowing here, just used exactly how they should be, except the bass, which doesn't fit in with the CD at all. The bass is a minor pet peeve, but I really wish they would have changed the sound of it to fit the overall sound of the CD. The guitar does some pretty awesome riffs and some minor leads. The drumming is amazing throughout the CD, it just holds everything together, they can sound frantic as hell, and then just go back to keeping beat with the guitar and bass. Vindsval's vocals are razor sharp and just add another layer of atmosphere here.

I would recommend buying this CD to any fan of black metal

Standout tracks: 0189. The Territory of Witches / Guardians of the Dark Lake and Fathers of the Icy Age

In the liner notes of my Candlelight re-release it speaks of a sequel to this CD, I hope it gets released