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....Let us spill the blood of the BASTARD! - 96%

Vlad_Tepes, March 15th, 2004

This was my introduction to the mighty Blut Aus Nord. I didn't expect such brilliant and refreshing black metal when I first downloaded "The day of revenge" (which prompted me to get the album). Blut Aus Nord create majestic and beautiful black metal. With this album they capture a distant sorrowful feeling most black metal bands can only acheive with music saturated by keyboards. While Vindsval uses them scarely(perfectly, too)there are also many other elements alot of BM bands lack these days. IE; the use of clean vocals and excellent lead work. The production is quite thick for an album of this nature, but still maintains a raw, grinding sound within the guitars. Listening to this in full puts ones mind into a trance, where you must concentrate fully to acheive maximum satisfaction. The sad, melodic riffing is truely captivating. A must for all.