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Mighty Blut aus Nord - 100%

NachtKrieger88, August 26th, 2006

Memoria Vetusta I - Fathers Of The Icy Age is by far best Blust Aus Nord album and that says a lot as I honestly believe that this band have released top notch albums only.

The atmosphere of this album is one of a kind and I believe that this is because of the low tuned guitars and six stringed bass, the bass if up in front is some parts as a lead instrument. How often do you hear that in black metal!?! Another great thing is the mix between clean vocals and more typica black metal screams which is executed with brilliance. The ever present keyboards is something that usually makes me very uncomfortable but when it comes to thios band it dosenĀ“t because they are there for a reason and it is a damn good reason. The tempo of the album shifts between slow/mid-tempo and fast parts but it never goes overboard in any direction. It never gets too slow and it never gets too fast(hello Dark Funeral) either.

Conclusion: This is the most intelligent(in search for better word) black metal album I have ever heard. Everything is there for a reason and no detail is left behind. If you want an album to throw on when having a beer with your friends I suggest that you buy something else but if you want an album that you really can LISTEN to then this is the perfect catch!!