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Blut Aus Nord - Memoria... - 92%

GS_Abbath, August 7th, 2004

This french outfit has released a few solid albums over the years, but this particular release stands out as their finest moment.

The french BM scene is renowned for having spawned the "Black Legions", a group of Black Metal bands who stay true to the "grim" side of the genre so to say. While Mutiilation and Vlad Tepes are excellant groups, their music is not nearly as refined and thought out as Blut Aus Nord's.

Here is found a cold, yet very melodic sound that is not unlike some "At the Heart of Winter" era Immortal, as well as blending in some sounds only to be heard in the Black Legions. The result is a very grim album, but far more friendly to the casual BM listener, a fact that is surely appreciated by many.

Epic tones are heard throughout, yet the songs never strecth out to what seems like forever. There is a definate catchiness to the songs as they are well constructed and present us with many melodies within the context of one song. They sought to impress the crowd with their multifarious sound, and have succeeded in doing so.

The production is more or less typical BM fare. High on treble, low on bass. But this is not nearly as drastic as the aforementionned Black Legion bands' production. Instrumentation remains clear and the mix seems to favour a wide scope of sounds.

With all that in mind, this album is easily reccomendable for fans of any type of BM.