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I know, it's not funny anymore... - 92%

DSOfan97, October 29th, 2017

Yeah I know, one more raving review that I write about a Blut Aus Nord album. It's not my fault alright? It's hard to even think about what's on Vindsval's mind or why I always end up liking everyone of his efforts so much. Deus Salutis Meæ picks up from where we were left with Codex Obscura Nomina. However while Codex had a much more simplistic approach and minimal aesthetics, the latest album is more eventful and busy with detailed guitar work, frantic drumming and an exceptional vocal performance, featuring Taysiah for the first time in 14 years.

The album features one introduction and two interludes with Greek titles to serve as bonds between the movements of the record. Right after δημιουργός Chorea Macchabeorum enters to destroy everything with a synth line that accompanies the raging guitars and bombastic drums. The two songs that truly impreesed me were Abisme and Revelatio (in that particular order). The latter is a riddle. Replete with odd rhythms and atonal guitars, not to mention the screeching vocals in the beginning. The former is absolutely reverend and religious in its two minute run, showcasing the best vocal performance on the entire album.

There were moments of slight frustration though that is not something peculiar. I have come across albums that I regard as perfect, flawless and eternal and Blut Aus Nord claim the creation and release of some of them. The final track Metanoia was good enough but I'd love some short of twist that never came such as a guitar melody or wailing clean vocals but I am probably asking for too much here. The rest of the album has some great moments but its entrancing themes leave no room for 'exciting' experimentation. Saturnian Poetry left me in awe when I first heard the ever changing flow of music, the epic intwertwining guitars and the all around grandiose orchestration. There is no need for all this in D.S.M. . The only thing that's needed is mesmerizing, hypnotic music and Blut Aus Nord are masters of that style. MoRT comes to mind when listening to this beast and so does The Work Which Transforms God two of the best releases this band has ever put out.

Another great thing about this album is the running time. I praised Throane' s debut last year for the exact same reason. Both bands knew exactly the duration that the album should have. Deathspell Omega did the same thing as well in The Synarchy of Molten Bones. Wintersun didn't. I am by no means comparing Blut Aus Nord to Wintersun, apart from the fact that while BaN crafted a short monster of an album, Wintersun fed us a long piece of grave boredom. *sigh* Metal nowadays leans towards the excessive side of everything and that could be harmful for the artist's integrity and creativity. BaN on the other side truly leans towards free and unconditional expression. Nothing is prohibited, that is the only rule and the one thing this band cannot control is their hunger for expansion towards every direction that looks interesting enough to explore. Oh, and their music. Don't raise your eyebrow, Vindsval said it himself: only at the very beginning the creative process is fully under control. After that, Vindsval rather composes by means of intuition than means of logical comprehension. This album is proof of that 'stream of consciousness' approach and it's out for you to listen and judge.

Deus Salutis Meæ is one more worthy addition to BaN's catalog and I'll be surely blasting it for quite some time. According to the band, two more releases are in the works. The one is Memoria Vetusta IV: Empyreus and the other is a mysterious release entitled La Lumiere Sous Le Monde. Until then, Deus Salutis Meæ is one of the greats and I cannot praise it enough for what it is even if that is not what I was exactly looking for. It could never be a 10/10 for me, but damn, did it came close? It surely did.

Favorite tracks : Chorea Macchabeorum, Abisme, Revelatio.