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Blunt Force Trauma > Snapped > Reviews
Blunt Force Trauma - Snapped

Hope to hear more from these guys! - 88%

kd, March 27th, 2004

First off, I'd like to recommend this band to fans of extreme guttural brutality.
They play pretty much straight-up DM, inserting a slam/breakdown riff for an added edge. When these guys slam, it sends a shiver down my spine because it's unexpected. The guitarist plays a few leads, though I'm not the biggest fans of Iead guitarwork, I think it adds a chaotic feel to the songs sometimes, incase you're overwhelmed by the brutality. The drumming is decent, and pretty much typical of this style of DM...lots of double bass, mid-tempo cymbal crashing.. The vocals remind of later-era Joe Ptacek of Broken Hope, very deep and sort one-dimensional, that's not a huge concern. But I would be nice if they were more varied, but the delivery is very strong. I also gave this band points for naming themselves after an (((old))) Dying Fetus song -l-. I can't wait until these guys put out a full-length or something!