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Tempered insanity. - 75%

Empyreal, May 11th, 2010

OK, first off, I have to say that the first song on here has one of the coolest names I’ve heard recently. “Wine for the Insane.” I don’t know. Something about that title just screams satanic metal awesomeness to me. It’s just great, and making great song titles is kind of a mini-art in itself. “Rage of the Dogs” also has a nice ring to it for a mean thrash band like this one.

Now, Bloodthirst are not an especially unique band, being one of the many, many new thrash metal bands who formed sometime in the last decade. Their music isn’t especially unintelligible, being pretty clean and slick sounding for this kind of blackened filth, but still having enough aggression to be entertaining. The riffs are fast, the vocalist growls like he’s got a frog stuck in his throat, and the rhythms chug away, heading toward apocalypse with a gleeful grin. The songwriting is fast and moderately aggressive, with looping leads spiraling down into the abyss while the riffs kind of wind around them, choppy and fast. It’s all pretty entertaining. And the lyrics are really, really over the top zealous in their satanic joy – clearly the most inspired part of this album, actually.

But I do have to say that I have a problem with what I said about the aggression – it’s only moderately aggressive. This music is not very unhinged in comparison to some of their peers like Nocturnal Breed, who just let loose and fucking rip people new assholes. Bloodthirst are aggressive, make no mistake, but it isn’t that over the top, and it sounds like they’re holding back. The riffs could be better and overall the band could sound a lot more vicious than they do. I think they might be trying to go for a more intelligent, layered sound, what with how well written the lyrics are, but they have a ways to go. And being that this is their third album already…well, they’ll need to try extra hard next time.

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