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Let him die!!!!!!!! - 80%

dismember_marcin, April 12th, 2014

Poland is not really famous for their thrash metal bands. Actually I must say that personally there are barely two or three bands from this style in here which I like. The rest may not exist for me. Bloodthirst is one of these very few exceptional bands. I remember that first time I had heard their music on the radio show “Mroczna strefa”, when they aired the band’s very first demo, “End is the Beginning”. Since then I was interested in this Bloodthirst’s music and tried to get all their recordings, and trust me, some of these releases are truly fuckin' awesome. My favourites are probably the split with Ebola, the “Żądza krwi” EP, and the split with Exordium, but obviously I cannot forget about both full-length albums of Bloodthirst, and the first one, “Let Him Die”, is true thrash metal devastation! Damn, I just love this album!

When reviewing it, I would want to try to avoid the comparisons to other legendary thrash metal bands/albums, as I really don’t care about it. Besides, such a band as Bloodthirst, even if they're so deeply rooted in the classic, old school traditions of the genre, somehow manage to bring something fresh and more personal to the style, which is great, of course.

Firstly, I just love the production of “Let Him Die”. It is truly powerful, aggressive, and energetic and every riff and drum part sounds just right, so the music kicks ass. I like the guitar tone and also the bass is well audible, which is very important for such music. Speaking of which, the music is damn ferocious, harsh…it’s sharp-as-a-knife thrash metal with a lot of great memorable riffs and hooks. Each song has something characteristic and recognizable, so I bet you’ll scream the choruses every time you hear such “Excommunion (Sacrifice for Hell)”, “Desecrate the Life” or “Let Him Die”...if only you have enough time between the maniacal headbanging which must be practiced while listening to “Let Him Die”.

Yeah, Bloodthirst doesn’t come with anything innovative, but their music is just brilliant and has everything one would want to find on an aggressive thrash metal record…and I really mean aggressive and not a wimpy Exodus clone crap with bad vocals. Speaking of the vocals, Rambo screams like crazy with almost blackish scream, what fits the whole of the music perfectly.

So is there anything more to add? Not really. “Let Him Die” is a pure anti-Christian thrashing madness and that’s it!

Standout tracks: “Excommunion (Sacrifice for Hell)”, “Desecrate the Life”.
Final rate: 80/100

Bloodthirst - Let Him Die - 85%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

I don’t know why, but I was sure that Bloodthirst was a death metal band. I’ve never heard of them before, so I can’t say why I thought so, I just did. So imagine my surprise when I press play and furious old school thrash metal hits my eardrums. But this also made me a tad skeptical at first, just ‘cause it didn’t lived up to my expectations. After putting my expectations behind me I could fully experience the blast from the past.

Pretty fast forward old school thrash in the vein of Kreator. Ripping riffs and very blackened thrash screams, utterly satanical and energetic-as-hell. It’s difficult to resist the energy and mosh/headbang-friendly tunes of Let Him Die. ‘Cause it has that certain thing that just get your feet and hands going. As soon as a solo starts you can’t help but to do some airguitaring. The bass is quite audible and pummeling, which adds a nice flavor. Bass has a tendency to more just lurk in the background, but here it’s really part of the music outcome. The guitar solos are sharp and ripping, the drums are quite hammering, and as I said the bass is pummeling. Add to that the quite gurgling screams of Mr. Rambo (nice name, by the way), and you’ve got yourself a killer album. The sound is wicked and thick and perfect for the music.

There are some really golden moments here, like the intro to the opening track and the guitar lead in "Excommunion (sacrifice for hell)". But the entire album should easily satisfy any fan of screaming old school thrash. It’s energetic-as-hell and a perfect album for an evening of beers with your mates.

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