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Infernal Thrashing Feast - 90%

dismember_marcin, September 6th, 2012

I must admit that not all of Bloodthirst releases are my favourites. There are some recordings, like “Let Him Die”, the debut album, which are OK, but nothing above the mediocre stuff. From the other hand I really enjoyed the split with Ebola “Hell Bestial Desecration”, as well as I have a lot of great memories and nostalgia for the “Forgotten Years of Killing” demo from 2004. Recently I was really blown away by the “Żądza Krwi” MCD, which I think is the best Bloodthirst recording so far, so this MCD pushed me to check also the split with Excidium, which I wanted to get for some time already, but never had a chance, until… well, last week. “Infernal Thrashing Kommandments” is really killer split CD, released by Gruft Records. I really like the layout for it – great front artwork, but the music is also just awesome, Bloodthirst’s stuff is actually as great as the “Żądza Krwi” EP, so it is a killer surprise for me.

Yeah, the first track from “Infernal Thrashing Kommandments”, “Assassination is Absolute” starts with such a fast motif that it sounds more like black / death than thrash, but it is just awesome. While there are many bands nowadays, which play the old styled thrash and are quite good at it, I must say that most of them also have absolutely no identity. As much as I can tolerate Merciless Death or Bonded by Blood, let’s be honest – their music is nothing more but a rip off of the old Exodus riffs and other bands. Meanwhile Bloodthirst has really managed to create something specific, which is great. And this song, which I just mentioned is great example for it. From one hand it has a lot of influence from the old German thrash scene, but it also takes a lot from the likes of Aura Noir or other blackened thrash bands and of course also from the old styled death metal. The result is amazing and both tracks, which Bloiodthirst putted here – the one I mentioned and “Of Bestiality in Our Veins” – are just excellent. Great riffs, great production, great performances, great vocals… Fuck, I like them totally, especially that as I said the band offers something more than just a plain old bands’ rip off, “Assassination is Absolute” being the best example. It is so furious, so relentless and aggressive that your head will be smashed on the wall within the seconds. Ha, and for dessert we’re getting here two amazingly played covers – “1000 Days In Sodom” will just break your neck, it has been played in 666% killer way, with some brilliant vocals from Mihv (also from Warfist and Ebola) – this guy sang this song perfectly. The second cover, meanwhile, just left me speechless and it actually really caused some eternal devastation. It is “Immortal Rites”, probably my favourite track of Morbid Angel, and as much as it is difficult to play and get the right atmosphere, Bloodthirst did it amazingly well!!!!!! Fuck, the riffing is perfect, the vocals also and the sound and atmosphere are just excellent. Well, after such great tracks from Bloodthirst I have no more doubts that this is the leading Polish thrash metal band at the moment. Well fuckin done!

As for Excidium, well, I already have their two demos in my collection and they’re fine, but not even close as great as Bloodthirst. But the band is definitely good enough to be a part of “Infernal Thrashing Kommandments”, especially that their part is probably the best recording they did so far. They offer here five tracks, which is quite a lot and I must say that some of those riffs really gave me a neck ache, after the maniacal banging of my skull, which those sounds have forced. They really play the thrash metal in the right way and as overall I think everyone, who likes this music to be rougher, especially vocal wise, will really enjoy Excidium. “Blackened Thrash Assassins”, “First to Fight”, “Vengeance Out of Hell”… all are really good songs. And this time as a cover we’re crushed by “Evil Invaders”, originally performed by Razor, and it’s just another fantastic cover performance on this split.

In the end I must say that “Infernal Thrashing Kommandments” is just a killer split release. There are two really good Polish thrash metal bands and both did just awesome job. So, while everyone only pays attention to the big thrash metal bands nowadays, even if they’re not worth as much as they already got (again I must mention Bonded by Blood or Gama Bomb), then I sincerely recommend checking more underground stuff, especially that they have such an enthusiasm and passion that they shred those other, bigger bands, instantly. So, get this split CD from Gruft Records immediately and join the “Infernal Thrashing Kommandments”, OK?