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BLOODTHIRST: "Żądza Krwi" - 50%

skaven, October 23rd, 2012

Bloodthirst has been churning out new releases – albeit mostly splits or similar ’minor’ outputs – for a decade already, but Żądza Krwi is my first exposure to the band. But who could have heard all these gazillion thrash/black metal bands, anyway? Better later than never, even if I’m not sure would I have missed much if I had not heard Żądza Krwi, a quite traditional blackened thrash metal EP.

The ingredients are simple: take the drum beats, guitar solos and overall attitude of thrash metal and mix it with menacing tremolo guitars, high-pitched screams and general harshness of black metal and there you have Żądza Krwi and its four tracks clocking at fifteen minutes at total, a fitting time for a musical experience so familiar already. And while a good release does not require originality, there’s not enough hooks on the EP to trigger my interest entirely. Bloodthirst plays well and is convincingly evil and rapid, but real masterpiece compositions are evidently missing.

An interesting feature are the vocals sung in Polish for the first time – apparently – in Bloodthirst’s history. I’d consider this as a definite plus, as the harsh sounding language adds to the atmosphere probably much better than the so often heard and harmless English. Production-wise, Żądza Krwi is quite bright but luckily with mandatory rawness. Composition-wise, as said, there’s not much to find from the EP, but the most hardcore followers of the Polish scene might want to look into the record, a record of solidly played black / thrash that does kick ass but also could have provided much more.

2.5 / 5
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