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The One Man Death Metal Band - 80%

Shadoeking, October 16th, 2010

I am always on the lookout for some new metal, particularly in the genres of death and thrash. Well, I did not exactly find this album through my own searching, it's more like I stumbled into it. Sort of. You see, I placed an order with Comatose Records, a label I order from occasionally when looking for brutal death metal, and one of the CDs that I ordered was out of stock. So, the label head, Steve Green from Atrocious Abnormality, called me personally to tell me this and offer to send something else instead. Since I was not currently at my computer, I asked for his recommendation and he recommended this, so I agreed. That's customer service, ladies and gentlemen.

All of that would have meant nothing though if the album was not good. But it is. In fact, this was one of my sleeper contenders for my favorite album of 2009. Bloodsoaked is an impressive band combining old school death metal influences with more modern brutal death influences, there are even a few slams in here. The music sounds fresh and really captures the listener's attention with its bludgeoning riffs and deep sickening grooves.

But here's the kicker, the quirk of this band. There is only one member. This is a one man death metal band. On the plus side, that means no artistic differences of opinion, unless he's suffering from multiple personality disorder. A fact of which I am not aware. But, he had to learn all of the instruments himself and try to track them together. I think that would be exceedingly difficult. But, Bloodsoaked pulls this off.

You can often tell when a black metal band is just one person. Something sounds off, some area of the music is not as well-written or comes across as well, but I do not think I would have felt this way about this album, had I not known about it. Everything sounds complete and well-written. This sounds like a four-man death metal band had recorded it. The drums are impressive, but are used mostly as background. There is not a lot of experimentation going on with them. The riffs sound brutal and intense. The vocals are delivered in a standard death metal growl and sound very much like those of Immolation.

As I stated before, there are old school death metal influences, such as Immolation and Morbid Angel, and even Obituary thrown into a modern death metal style. The jagged riffs and crushing grooves are evidence that Bloodsoaked know the genre well. These old school elements mesh well with the brutal death overall style.

I really enjoy this album. I will have to try to get personal recommendations from label heads more often. Thanks Steve.

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