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Genuine brutal death metal - 82%

Morhguel, September 29th, 2010

When I saw that a new Comatose Music production has arrived, I pounced on it without hesitation because they have never disappointed me in their taste of the relatively unknown bands. Bloodsoaked also belongs to this group, and this is the second full-length of Peter Hasslebrack's one-man project. Almost the whole material on this album was played by himself – although, Shane McFee helped him by programming the drums and playing the guitar solos in the Obituary cover – and he did a really professional work, according to its complexity and the outcome, a full band couldn't have done much better. So let's see, what we got on the 'Sadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memories' album.

The 'One Man Killing Machine' text on the CD made me smile, it reminded me that how many bands want to make their music and image more heavy – and salable – with such captions. But when I put the disc into my player my smile had been frozen from the first moment. Pure brutal death metal came out from my speakers, as great as the music of the biggest death metal names. The sound is heavy too, the sound of the drum machine isn't annoying, it sounds like a modern triggered drum rather than to the simple drum machine's (there isn't much difference though). This opener track 'Rotting in Filth', which instantly blew me away, is one of the strongest moments of this album so it's quite obvious that a video clip was made to this song. The CD also contains this clip as a bonus which was a creditable step.

After a strong start the main question is always that if the rest of the album could maintain this level of high standard and whether it could keep its pure and genuine death metal character or modern elements or other genres would blend into it. To start with the second part of the question: Peter doesn't breach his promise to play a clean genuine death metal music without breakdowns, genre crossovers, pig squeals and such things. There's an exception though, the last own track on this record 'Blind Date Beating' is different from any other but it's not a serious song, he didn't even attached the lyrics to “protect the innocent”. However, this is one of my favorite songs with its brutal core-like primitiveness. The cover song is from Obituary, he took the classic 'Gates to Hell' from the Floridian death metallers which is a bit faster here and tuned down by a few notes. It was a bit strange without John Tardy's vocals but all in all, it's a correct work, although, I prefer the original version more. By the way, Peter has a great voice, it's deep but every single word can be heard, it reminds me a bit of Alex Camargo from Krisiun and Sauron from Decapitated. As I mentioned, there isn't any pig squeal on this album, but we can hear some harsh vocals which is also well-performed.

Sadly, the songs get weaker as we listen to the opener's sequels until the first half of 'Rise With Me'. The first half of this song – maybe the worst part of the album – is just as bad as kicker the second half is, that part rips my head off with its catchy brutal riffs and vocals. After that only good tracks are rushing through us with high speed and squeezing our mind with their few severe parts. The playing time of the full-length also helps to keep it from palling, it's just a minute more than the desirable half-hour. The catchiness of this album is also its upside and it strictly stays within the death metal genre. It's quite usual to compare a band to the others but it's hard here, because in my opinion, he could be only compared to the 'brutal death metal' genre itself. Maybe the Maltese death metallers, the 'Beheaded' can be mentioned because of the approach, the concept and sometimes because of the similar music.

All in all, 'Sadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memories' is a great release which won't make a revolution in the death metal world but it contains everything that we love in this style. I recommend everybody to check out the 'Rotting in Filth' video clip – which clip is an absolutely correct clip for this music – it worth a watch and it describes Bloodsoaked's music well. If someone don't like it then maybe this isn't the style what he/she was looking for but if they do, then I recommend it because despite a few weak moments the rest of the album is the same: clean, genuine brutal death metal of high standard!

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