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Bloodshed Assault - The Black Wind of Death - 90%

Edmund Sackbauer, March 5th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, More Hate Productions

Another slab of extreme music from the well-established More Hate Productions label. This time they found something new in Finland and decided to release the full length debut by a band called Bloodshed Assault named “The Black Wind of Death”.

The sound of these Fins firmly sits between traditional old school stuff and a more modern and subtly technical approach. The basis chords have a well-known classic and slightly monotonous sound subtly sawing their way through the listener’s brain. Working as a counterpart to these stoic and filthy old school riffs the lead guitar parts show a great variety ranging from being slightly chaotic and nervous and sounding melancholic and epic in other places. There are only a few moments with extended soloing but those sections are really impressive bringing some technical skills to the forefront. Some of the melodies even have a kind of folky character so there is enough variation to be found here.

The drumming is quite laid-back and most of the time pretty groovy. However, Bloodshed Assault have not forgotten to implement some of those typical blast-beat sections which help ramping up the intensity when needed. All in all most of the songs stay within mid-tempo regions as the band prioritizes a steady rhythm over sprawling flashiness.

The guys from Bloodshed Assault have put a lot of emphasis on writing stringent and easy to follow songs with each having its own character. There are moments where acoustic guitars are used and two of the tracks are even sung in Finnish (at least I assume it is Finnish although I cannot tell for sure). The main patterns are laid out in a transparent way helping the listener to get into the music without a problem.

The growling by singer Bloodshed Commander is very deep and brutal. He sounds like an angry graveyard ghoul whose sleep has been disturbed now being on the hunt for new flesh. Thy lyrics are clearly understandable making the music even more enjoyable. The production is raw and filthy making the album a highlight for every fan of old school stuff. Despite the rawness and the dirt the mix dose not sound muddy at all. Each detail of the guitar playing can be heard in full detail and while the drums could have used just a tiny bit more punch for my personal taste the end result is really good. On top of that we got a fantastic cover fitting the music like a glove.