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Zombies will rule the earth in 2666 - 80%

insidethegrave, October 15th, 2010

Bloodgut is the new Death Metal project of Rogga Johansson and Matthias Fiebig both from Paganizer and Ribspreader fame. As you may or may not know Rogga Johansson is one of the most active persons in the Swedish Death Metal scene of the last decade releasing new projects almost every year, but even if you have listened to his other projects, the music he creates in Bloodgut is more in the vein of bands like Autopsy, Impetigo and even Mortician (with the down tuned guitar and bass sound).

Necrologikum is the first release from this band, the music in this record is straight Death Metal with lyrics about zombies and how they can conquer the world converting people in year 2666. With Rogga Johansson handling the guitars, bass & vocals and once again recruiting Matthias Fiebig to play drums.

This isn’t a great release and it’s not reinventing the genre, but it’s a nice old school death metal record with the known Dan Swano mixing, that will make you pay a visit to your zombie related albums and movies once again.