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Bloodgod - Catharsis

Hammerite! - 80%

Shreds of Sanity, November 30th, 2023
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Independent (Limited edition)

Interesting little release this EP by a Dutch band that disbanded shortly after it came out. Bloodgod uses the dual vocal approach usually seen in grindcore, but they play a cleaner form of death metal. Bloodgod have a real knack for writing melodies that stick with you, without hitting them so hard you get sick of them. In fact, this melodic but still heavy sound reminds me of Edge of Sanity. It’s a style of death metal I wish more bands would pursue.

The production is pretty good, with all instruments getting time to breathe in the mix. Catharsis was mastered by Jacob Hansen, which pays of well. For an independent EP release this sounds great. It has a very open sound, with the bass being clearly audible next to the guitars, which is good because the bass does more than just follow along with the riffs. Just listen to their ode to the pit Catharsis, where the bouncy guitar and the bass both emulate the joy and release a good mosh pit can give you.

Catharsis starts off with the heaviest song and gets more melodic as it goes along. Valar Morghulis sounds appropriately violent for a song about Game of Thrones’ faceless assassins. The blasting sections give this track some God Dethroned vibes, especially when the higher pitched vocals hit.

Lyric wise this is all over the place. Game of Thrones, the pit, Dutch history, paint… Paint? Yes, paint! Hammerite has this unlikely subject. The booklet calls it “A humble attempt to write an epic metal song about the equivalent of watching paint dry.” And the song is great! It starts with a beautiful acoustic part before introducing a melodic riff that instantly sticks in your head. The melody keeps evolving before a breakdown gives us a heavy as hell grinding riff. The two vocalists bark lines about how badass this paint’s battle against corrosive chemical elements is with the same conviction they give assassins and destruction. This might have been the result of a bet or something, but who cares when these are the results. The song ends with the amazing lyric “This is not about metalcore. It’s all about metalcare. Hammerite!”

My favourite track on the EP is ‘t Schrickelik Tempeest. Again, Bloodgod hit you with one of those instantly memorable guitar melodies that get picked up by the tremolo riffs. The musicians then play around with this melody like it’s a less blackened Dissection song. I love this. The Dutch lyrics tell the story of the violent storm of 1674 that hit the Dom cathedral in Utrecht and left it in ruins. Satan’s Smile then finishes things off in style with a more riff driven approach.

It’s a real shame Bloodgod left us with only 8 tracks spread over two EP’s as their legacy. I would be very interested to see where they could have taken their sound on a full length album. Alas, what they did give us is fun, varied and catchy death metal. And probably the only death metal ode to fighting rust. And what could be more metal than that? In fact, where’s my brush? I’ve got an iron fence to coat. Hammerite!