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This is what's called 'old school' these days?? - 20%

morbert, April 9th, 2009

Well. I'm not convinced. Yes, I do hear a lot of old school type of riffing and some melodies remembering me of the early nineties DM scene from Sweden and Finland as well. So sofar no complaints obviously. But there are really two annoying elements which prohibit and 'older' DM fan like me from truly enjoying this. No, it's not that this isn't a band I grew up with because I do like certain new stuff like Tribulation and such. It's the structure of the songs and some populistic ideas. Also I just can't get rid off the compositional copy-paste feeling on a number of songs.

Just check out the intro to "Outnumbering the Day". Yes, that's exactly what I always loved back in the day. But when the vocals join in the rhythm turns awfully groove metal with some yo-mutha-fuckah riff over it. The horror! Then the song picks up again, raging on. The lead and middle section are also quite memorable. But of course the damage has been done already. 'Bastard Son of God' starts great. nice verse. But then the chorus comes in. Second rate riff blurred by overactive double bass on which the group tries to imitate Morbid Angel during Blessed Are The Sick but fails being equally catchy. The blast speed later on can't save it anymore. And so I can name something about every song here. Each song has as least two or three moments when tendencies of hipness just take over and I throw away my headphones in horror.

One could say this is a refreshing mixture of the old and new. And maybe it truly is. Maybe that is why this is the kind of death metal which the kids really 'dig'. It has enough old school elements to save their reputation yet enough modern groovy ideas to remind them of the days of nu metal when they first heard loud guitars? Who knows?

Calling this one of the best death metal albums ever? No way! Listening to 'Feeding the Undead' right now and this doesn't even come close to any song ever written by Death. For that matter, play this song just after Altars Of Madness, Left Hand Path, War Master, Been Caught Buttering or Consuming Impulse and try to convince me it is even remotely memorable. Won't work. Nothing about this song truly stands out.

This album indeed has a huge collection of great ideas. But great ideas on themselves don't automatically make good songs since the album has equally as many bad ideas....