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...through a mask made of human skin - 90%

demonomania, March 7th, 2005

This is indeed some very sweet death metal. I must say that at first listen, I was a little perturbed - where was Mike from Opeth's low-end growl? Why aren't the guitars as scuzzy and old-skool? However, after hearing "Eaten" for the first time, I slowly began to come around. Now I am nearly addicted to this album - I have to hide it on myself to avoid listening on a daily basis.

I have never listened to any Hypocrisy before, but with the evil Peter on vocals they must be awesome. He does the job well here on "Nightmares..." though I still prefer Akerfeldt. He does a great black metally scream to emphasize the more evil lyrical content. All in all, very satisfactory in the vocal department.

The guitars, hell, the entire mix has been cleaned up considerably. While it somewhat detracts from the old school Swedish vibe, it does allow the listener to tell the difference between songs and hear some of the more complex musical moments. The switch-up on drums was a good idea, and though I don't notice a marked change, the faster songs sound more competent.

My favorite tracks are the brutal, slow, grinding "Eaten," with excellent lyrics about, well, someone who wants to be EEEEATEEEENNNNN. Also rad is the opener "Cancer of the Soul." No better way to start a death metal album than the lyrics, "Kill them for they must die." Yeah. "The Ascension" is a spooky, amazing track with a great performance by Tatgren, even a little cliche keyboard (not overused) to add to the atmosphere. The song that is most often stuck in my head is the closer "Blood Vortex," - again, great lyrics, with a fast, grooving and infectious riff throughout.

Buy this - it is deathtastic.