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A nice headbang treat - 95%

I_Cast_No_Shadow, February 3rd, 2010

This is death metal and death metal to its superlative degree. Frankly, I discovered about this record at the time I was focusing upon death growls more than anything and I am fortunate that someone directed me this. What could be a tastier treat than this? It is because of these ever mighty vocals, the magnificent guitars and the simplicity and directness of song-writing, this album is so authentically excellent. I am not going track by track but as a whole, it’s genuinely fantastic.

The songs aren’t much complicatedly made and there are plenty of catchy riffs. Well, the whole album is carved by catchiness for that matter. There are few (somewhat) groove-metal/hardcore leaning riffs and there are few shorter lead solos, which again are easy listening. These lead solos are the only portions where tads of melody appear, as they are killed by the venomousness at every other instance. In general the guitar work is really effective and appreciable. It can be soundly noticed that the musicians were attempting to create some straight shit and with no complexities involved, which can be best illustrated by riff as in “Cancer of Soul” (1:47), which is plain and made with a sequence that outfits the constant brutality.

For me, the highlight of the tracks is the godly vocalist, Peter Tagtgren. His strength, deepness and rage have always influenced me. May it be the lowness, the high notes or the hardcore screams; the whole thing he has done is stunning. I had no idea about Hypocrisy, until I knew about him. Everything he has executed in this album has made him my favorite with microphone.

The drums too are great. At times, I felt like the double bass weren’t sounding as loud as they should have been. But overall, the drum work has been done simply but powerfully.

Every song is made brilliant. “Eaten” is probably the slowest in the album, but involving the equal strength. The lyrics are simple but sick and evil, the type that death metal should comprise and the production is quite decent as well.

When old school meets a slight newness, Nightmares Made Flesh is born which isn’t reinventing the wheel, but certainly is a death metal masterpiece. A nice headbang treat it is.