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Best Death Metal Album Out There - 100%

Dolf9271986, November 8th, 2007

This is the very first death metal album I ever owned. It has to be my favorite death metal album ever. I have heard more death metal than a normal person would normally listen to. This album features Peter Tatgren on vocals, Dan Swano, (my personal musical hero) on guitar, and Martin Axenrot on Drums, Blekkheim on guitar, and Jonas Renske on bass. The album was produced by (of course) Dan Swano.

With the opening track, "Cancer Of The Soul", the first thing you hear, is a little guitar riff followed by a huge grunt, then followed by a huge mixture. Right away, everything is just great. The tone of the guitar. The vocals are golden and clean. Swano's guitar playing is awesome, and varies throughout the album, from heinously fast riffage to down-right gut-bustingly heavy power chords. That's one of the big things about this album. It has a lot of variety. It's as if you are hearing a compilation of death metal songs from different death metal bands that are performed by the same 5 guys. Compare the song "Eaten" to "Soul Evisceration". "Eaten" is a powerhouse of, well, power. It starts with an explosion of noise and just kills you. It starts with the crack of Jonas' bass, and then hell breaks loose as all the members just explode. It has a very death metal-ey theme, that is clearly heard, yet great, proving that death metal doesn't have to be disgustingly deep to be great. I still can't get over the vocals. They are perfect. Clear, loud, but audible and have a great variety. The instruments in "Eaten" fit so well together. The drums are slow and disgustingly powerful. That song has that certain quality as if you were headbanging as hard as you ever have, but in slow motion, you know? The song "Soul Evisceration", on the other hand, starts with a fast, distorted guitar, into a huge hellish scream, followed closely by heinous drum beats. Then a slower build-up, then a "ting" of a symbol, then the verse nukez you. This is the song you're looking for if you're one of those metal-heads who crankz their stereos to MAX and jumps around the room smashing your head on walls and punching holes in the ceiling and floor, followed by playing air guitar to the fucking wicked solo. It's just pure hell, that album, and is a necessary album in your "Collection Of Death" as I call it. It's basically get it or die in the death metal world.