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Brave New Hell - 95%

Dawndeath, September 18th, 2004

Nightmares Made Flesh goes everywhere within the boundaries of death metal. The atmosphere set by the CD is overwhelmingly evil. With the new lineup, Bloodbath seems to have turned the tables with new diverse music. The riffs are not as repetitive, and the vocals have a lot more range. This time you can actually hear the bass. The drumming is also a lot more powerful than it was on RTC.

My favorite tracks on the album are Eaten and Year Of the Cadaver Race.

In Eaten, the overall tone gets a lot deeper and lower- the growls, guitars, bass, evern the drums seem to sound eviler. The lyrics to the song are very grim as well. In Year Of The Cadaver Race, Peter visits hardcore screams and displays a massive amount of what he can do. The song is a great example of what Bloodbath can do.

If you do not like Bloodbath's Resurrection Through Carnage, Nightmares Made Flesh is something completely different. And if you did like Bloodbath already, this is something else you'd want to go buy.