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Blackened Thrash done right - 85%

Shovel, February 5th, 2004

Blood Storm's third full length offering, "Pestilence From the Dragonstar", is a full on assault of black-thrash in the vein of Sodom and Celtic Frost, or maybe even Slaughter. They also bare a blaring similarity to Enthroned, which is a definite plus. You can't seem to pin them to thrash, and you can't seem to call them full blown black metal, because their allegiance seems to shift constantly throughout the record.

The guitars come flying at you like buzzsaws with simplistic, droning riffs, in the vein of Sodom. Unlike Sodom, though, the guitar sound is very grainy, as if the album was recorded with a tape recorder.

Although the guitar sound is very kultish, the rest of the instruments are blaring and quite clear. Especially Mezza's vocals, which sound exactly like Sabathan's (of Enthroned) vocals. The drums are your standard black metal drums, with repetitive pounding, but surprisingly, there is a lack of blastbeats. I can not remember a single blastbeat on this record, which adds a bit of "what the fuck" to the equation.

The entire album is fast, without any slow downs or interludes, which makes it seem like one entire psychotic episode.

This band is a definite contender to the throne of american black metal, even if they aren't full blown black metal (the only thing they don't have is the atmosphere). And while most black metal bands rant on about Satan and evil and the destruction of Christianity, Blood Storm take a unique approach to the occult. They seem to have made up their own demons, deities, and nefarious religion. Their whole lyrical concept seems to come straight out of a Lovecraft story, with names like Amprodias-Azoth and Igigi being thrown around. They also throw around mythological deities, like Typhon and Set.

All together this is a great album. If you want some good american black/thrash metal, look no further than Blood Storm. But don't expect to understand most of the lyrics, even after reading them in the booklet.