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Killer old-school style death metal...from NORWAY? - 83%

Spawnhorde, October 2nd, 2004

YES. This is a brutal excursion into the frozen snowy plains of Norway that brings out some of the most riffing, brutality-based song structures ever heard by a death metal band. This band is just pure fucking riffs, almost thrash at times. The drumming is incessant pounding and brutal blasts with some awesome double bass blasting, as well. The bass provides killer low end amongst the flurry of treble riffs. The vocals are a guttural rasp providing the listener with the want to listen closer...

The CD opens up with Unleashing Hell. The beginning sample about wishing people were dead and being devoured by maggots sets the stage for this album. This song is horrifically brutal, but stays on the melody-line with some really awesome thrash riffs from out of nowhere! The drums tribally beat on your skull like a frenzied mad ape.

Eventually we end up at Chaos Rising! which has a very good lead riff for the first part of the song. It is absolutely evil sounding and lunges at your jugular vein angrily and keeps recurring throughout the song.

If you want some really brutal old-school death metal that has been put in a time machine and released in 2003 (which seems about 10 years later by sound standards) with modern clean production but without completely erasing the old-school vibe...GET THIS MOTHERFUCKER.