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Blood Red Fog - Blood Red Fog - 65%

Avestriel, February 15th, 2009

Blood Red Fog's self titled debut sports a mostly slow-paced, lo-fi, suicide/depressive black metal outfit with some doom overtones now and then.

And that would pretty much be all there's to say about this, since this album is barely remarcable at all. It's not really bad, if you're into the depressive BM scene, but the music is barely above average, Myspace black metal bands. There's a nice use of melodies and the drums are often varied, not just stuck in one gear. The low quality of sound can make things fall apart a bit when the bastbeats commence, but this does not happen very often or for long.

All in all the guitars maintain almost the same structures and rythm throughout the main parts of the songs, and this, along with the lenght of said songs tend to make them drag on a bit and really test my patience. Especially that last 14 min. track. It's not that I don't enjoy minimalism and long tracks, but you just gotta know how to do it right and most of the time these guys don't.

I decided to listen to this album when someone compared them to Inferi (fin) in another review and I gotta say I'm quite disappointed. This is not a bad band by all means, but it's borderline mediocre.