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It gets faster. - 95%

Brutalitaet, October 30th, 2004

As I previously wrote, Feasting the Weak is a very sick and brutal album. On Ignis Penumbra these guys went beyond. The line up changed for this release: Antimo and Eduardo are on their regular duties, but Saúl Martínez and Roberto Román became members of the band in order to play drums and bass guitar. They are playing quite faster than in their previous release and the concept is closer to the satanic stuff than to the murder one. Besides the album was recorded at another studio and this fact makes the band sound more brutal. The general sound is lower and the guitar riffs are faster, thus the band has a new style. It is not like they changed absolutely from one album to the other, but they evolved the style that was contained in the previous release. The drums are played with more mastership on Ignis Penumbra and the composition is as well done as always. If you liked Feasting the Weak I am possitive you will like Ignis Penumbra. To make myself clear I must say that this album is somewhere between Feasting the Weak and Ravager. Highlights: Emptiness, Where Black Flames Arise, Descend.