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Great Brutal!!! - 90%

Brutalitaet, July 12th, 2004

Some albums are meant to be listened to several time before comprehending them. That is the case of Blood Reaping's Feasting the Weak. I bought it two years ago and have listened to it more than five times, but this is the first time I like it. I have been familiar with Antimo's side-projects for a long time and I like them all... I did not know why I didn't like Blood Reaping... I don't know it yet, but now I like it as much as his other side-projects. It is a mid-paced death metal band, where he takes advantage of his own vocal range as in any other of his bands. Most of the riffs are fragmented and quite fast. This album's best songs are Boiling Through Mastication, Feasting the Weak, and Excrement Ward. Remember, if you do not like this album the first you listen to it, play it over and over, you will like it sooner or later.