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Punk fueled metal beast - 95%

RustInPissZygadena, March 22nd, 2018
Written based on this version: 1987, 12" vinyl, Ebony Records

This is one of my favorite findings from the 80s! I found this album almost 20 years ago in an old record store. That day I got a lot of good vinyl records because the owner of the store didn’t really know what he had on his shelves. They were also going out of business, so they were selling everything really cheap. Good times when everybody was getting rid of vinyl records and switching to CD format.

When I first put this album on my record-player, I didn't think the music from Battlescarred was very convincing… Danny Foxx's specific voice didn’t sound that great at first, and the whole thing didn’t really speak to me…. BUT!!!! The second time I reached for it, I was just decapitated by this music! What a fucking power! Thrash metal with a kind of punk bass and drum section! It was something like a really wild, more melodic version of Venom. The songs which Blood Money offers here are so simple and killing. Great guitar-solos cut here and there as a sharp tool. Now, I simply worship Danny’s style of singing on this album! This guy knows how to sing, and if I had to compare his style to somebody it would be Rob Halford. They both display a lot of melody and have a very specific high-pitched singing voice. Danny’s voice, however, is much dirtier and rasp than Halford’s. In some parts, his style of singing could fit in some rock’n’roll/ NWOBHM opera (as for instance in Caligula, Evil Bitch and Mutant which in my opinion are three of the best and most energetic songs on this record).

Briefly: 10 compositions = 10 powerful blows in your face! 10 fucking awesome hits! This band really knew how to compose interesting, melodic and catchy songs. After a few spinnings of this record, you can already sing, whistle or hum along. Perfect soundtrack to party with your metal friends and/or to head-bang to! There is so much power in this music that I can only imagine what went on in the mosh pit when Blood Money performed this material live! There is absolutely NO weak song on this album and its only flaw is that it lasts only about 40 minutes which is not enough….

I like the cover-art of this album (done by Gramie Dee, the guitarist of the band) which portrays a guy holding a chain-saw, waist-deep in gore! A simple, red and black, primitive drawing, that to me resembles underground demo-cassette covers. Also, the band-picture shows that we're dealing with some dirty-alcoholic politically-incorrect mother-fuckers commando. Really nice piece of filthy thrash speed heavy metal! If you bang your head to Venom, Piledriver, Exciter, Sindrome, Warfare, At War, Virus (UK), Carnivore and etc, you better start looking for this record!

Insanely Aggressive Follow-Up! - 90%

DeathRiderDoom, December 21st, 2009

Blood Money – Battle scarred.

Sometimes when listening to this album, I can neither really tell it apart from severely tough NWOBHM (like Savage or Venom), or these guys amazing debut put out a couple years earlier. If you’ve read my review of said debut, you know that I am of the impression that this is one of the finest British thrash bands of the 80’s. The sound these guys have is pretty damn original, and extremely attitude-laden, mixing NWOBHM (in the vein of Samurai, Buffalo, Tank, Motorhead and Venom), with modified thrashier riffage and drums. It was a tough act to follow, but here this awesome and criminally underrated band produces a worthy successor to the 1986 offering. This one kicks ass, takes no prisoners and is utterly headbangable, receiving regular plays, and rockin’ me out on every damn occasion. Strongly recommend.

While pretty much every song on the album kicks ass in the same vein. ‘Wolfboat’ has some awesome, incredibly Motorhead/Venom sounding riffage, with the main riff sounding like something form the ‘Bomber’, ‘Welcome to Hell’ or ‘Ace of Spades’ albums. This one also features cool lyrics about World War Two, and is of course, delivered at an incredible pace. I really dig the riffs in this one, and as a result, it gets stuck in my head quite a bit. Hard to tell which songs are better than others, coz they all pretty much sound the same, though remain ass-kicking. The songs of this album manage to sound exactly the same as on the first album. The vocals of Foxx, and the rumbling riffs in ‘Mutant’ could just as easily fit into ‘Stormer’ or ‘Metalyzed’ from the debut. Who cares? This is badass! Solos in tracks like this are passable too, having a nice ripping pace, and some guitar effect that works well with the bands dark, evil sorta tone (told you it was Venom-ous). ‘The Legend’ is a very pounding, heavy track, while ‘Shapeshifter’ is a lightning paced, evil dominator. All tracks are similar, and all very strong.

As I mention in my review of the debut, Foxx has an awesome, booming and very NWOBHMish voice, which gives the band a decent portion of it’s flavour. He has a loud, very low bellow, and belts out dark lyrics that fit well with the fast paced, buzzsaw guitar, and smashing, crashing, heavy drums. His vocal phrasing always stands out too. Where in NZFEDK he came up with some standout, off time phrasing, here he crafts some cool positioning in the evil, evil ‘The Legend’. Foxx is capable of pitch changes at high speeds (chorus to the evil horror song ‘Shapeshifter’) and of holding strong notes in vibrato with ease. Drummer Brett Avok is on form too, as was he on the debut. In the aforementioned track, he’s pounding out fast paced rhythms, and some heavy, aggressive fills. Watch for him in the intro of ‘Charnal House’ too, a brilliant, driving dark number that relies on his constant pounding of cymbals, and heavy tom fills. Guitars are awesome; very inventive, while sounding very much like Venom in tone. Blood Money is probably a little more technically talented than said band though, and Venom has always professed their relative lack of technical accomplishment on the instruments.

Just a stunning band here producing a whole album of start-to-finish kickass Venomish speed/thrash. This is pretty much every bit as good as the excellent debut, and is of better recording quality. I really love the sound these guys have, and impressed they were able to follow up on the debut, and keep things in the same kickass vein, without attempting to veer off and try some the other contemporary or emerging sounds that were going on. I love Foxx’s vocals, and really enjoy the bands sound as a whole. I can’t really think of any band that sounds quite like this, and it’s truly criminal how relatively unknown these guys are, say compared to Onslaught or Xentrix. NWOBHMish thrash with an evil, dark sound, occult lyrics dealing with horror, caustic and biting guitars and heavy pounding drums, and most songs with breakneck pace. I can’t fathom any NWOBHM or thrash fan not absolutely loving this, and utterly recommend it.