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Blood Freak - Live Fast, Die Young... - 85%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

The latest album from Blood Freak, and the latest flick at the Screamatorium drive-in, is a tribute to old school goregrind and splatter movies. In every aspect a total blast from the past. Impetigo worshippers beware! This might just cause you to soil yourselves. Every heavy, pummelling, churning riff is oozing of still-warm entrails. The powerful blasting drums shakes the earth, rumbles the soil and awakes the dead. And of course we also have the deep, gored growls and the frantic screams, so what else do you need? Oh well surely, pardon me! Of course there are gore tits present!

Awesome lyrics telling stories of the murderous Butchermobile, Wormface, the Turkey Monster etc. All your favourite freaks. But of course they’re also paying homage to the bands and near ones - Toxic Tomb mentions the brave and insane that listens to Blood Freak. Live fast, die young… and leave a flesh-eating corpse! is simply put an awesome album and a sure hit for any fan of slasher and horror flick’s and old school goregrind.

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