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A must for Blood Duster and Aussie metal fans - 88%

Emprica, February 20th, 2007

On looking at the cover of this nicely packaged DVD, one may be slightly confused. The Shape of Death to come is a spoof on Refused album cover The Shape of Punk to come...a total piss-take...welcome to Blood Duster.

This is a fairly hefty DVD, split into two sections. One section contains a feature length mish mash of live gigs dating back to the early 90's intersperced with the lads crazy touring antics...serious antics. Eating spew off the ground, throwing piss at one another, and consuming copius amounts of drugs are only the beginning. But let's consentrate on the music here.

Considering much of the footage in this section is bootlegged, the quality of vision and sound is excelent. Also the choice of songs that have been included is a good cross-section of the Blood Duster era's.

The second section of the DVD is a full concert recorded at the Ding-Dong in Melbourne. This innitially may be a dissapointment to those who like their crispy clear sounding live DVD's but once one becomes used to the harsh sound this gig is pretty damn good. It's also a good representation of what Blood Duster shows are like...Tony and his rap talking...the boys covered in blood...and the interaction that goes on between crowd and band is second to none. Did I mention the absolutely BRUTAL grind and Gun Totin' Death Rock?

If you like your grind with some chunkyness and a laugh you might wanna check this out...If you're a fan of Blood Duster (Any era), this DVD is a must.