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Gloriously Offfensive - 80%

MetalPeas, January 25th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2003, CD, High Voltage Productions

Blood Duster isn't the sort of band you'll want to listen to if you're offended easily. From stalking to underage sex to drugs, the band seems to want to annoy people as much as possible. Of course, most people who would be offended by the lyrics wouldn't be able to understand Tony's vocals anyway. The lyrics are bizarre at times though, with lines such as "Smell of dicks is in the air/I wanna splash cum in your hair" from Achin'foranAcup. Expecting non weird from a song titled like that is a bit silly, though. The songs have snippets of dialogue taken from various sources that at times are good (the intro for Cockjunkie), and others feel in the way (the outro for CockJunkie which explains what devil horns mean).

The music is good, if somewhat standard- it's a lot of tremolo picking of low notes and power chords along with lots of snare. There are about two or three riffs per song, but since they are so short (the longest song, Iwannadoitwithadonna, clocks in at 3:01) they don't overstay their welcome and create an interesting overall feeling of getting these quick stints of people who are out of control. There are the occasional more accessible songs which are more concerned with having a coherent tune to the guitars instead of rampant tremolo, such as the aforementioned Iwannadoitwithadonna, Badhabbits and sixsixsixteen. I like the presence of both, as they provide some sort of contrast with each other- the album would have been really samey and boring if it were one or the other all the way through.

The album interestingly finishes with the song Nucorporate, which is essentially a song about nu metal being to metal what new country was to country music. It's played in the style of a new country song. While it's supposed to be ironic, I couldn't shake that damn hook from my head afterwards, which maybe is why new country is so popular, I guess. There is some memorable stuff from the album proper, such as the chorus from Drinkfightfuck, the riffs from Badhabbits, pretty much all of Iwannadoitwithadonna and She'sajunkie. It's not overly complex metal, but it's stuff that, after a few listens, you'll catch yourself thinking of later, most likely also thinking "where did I first hear this?"

The best aspect of the album is the vocals provided by Tony, who has a nice guttoral growl that sounds great. the first time I heard Blood Duster was at a music festival, and one of my memories was the strong smell of bourbon and coke in the air, and I associate the smell with the band. I associate the sound of his voice with the dry "I want a bourbon and coke" feeling I get at festivals, and I'm not sure if it's his voice or just a sound-and-memory linkage thing going on. Jason provides the high pitched squealing that's needed in some of the songs, and it complements Tony's voice really well. the rest of the music is good, but not exceptional. I'm never blown away by the guitar work and the drumming, while dome competently, doesn't strike me as being exceptional. The elements are put together in a way that works very well though, and music is greater than the sum off their parts.

I also want to point out that the song titles not having any spaces in them is really annoying.

I give it 80%. Points were taken off for the album being a disappointingly short 30 minutes long, and the music not being terribly special. It's very well executed but standard stuff for the genre.