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Blodsrit – Diktat Deliberi - 60%

Asag_Asakku, January 25th, 2013

Black metal bands’ proliferation leads to a phenomenon which is – strangely – very reminiscent to sports leagues’ evolution. There are old teams which always attract a large audience. There are also hopeful new squads, dreaming to dethrone their idols. Then there are all these midfield teams, often in second division, which enjoy an honest journey but never attract less fervent fans’ attention.

This thought came to me while discovering Sweden Blodsrit’s seventh album, a band founded in the late 1990s and very active since. Based in Kalmar county, it will not likely ever come to mind to a typically « svenska » black metal fan, who thinks first of legends such as Watain, Marduk or Dark Funeral.

Yet, Diktat Deliberi, released last December by Unexploded Records, is a record which has several qualities, including a beautiful cover, made by a Spanish artist after a contest. But key to understand the group’s low awareness lies directly in its music.

It is extremely difficult to discern what distinguishes the music composed by Blodsrit’s members from everything written by their countrymen. The band’s style, built on fast passages crossed with catchy riffs (similar to melodic Death Metal), has almost became a national characteristic. Even the excellent production, made at the famous Necromorbus Studios, gives the album a now widespread sound identity.

Despite these general mixed observations, Diktat Deliberi remains pleasant to listen for anyone who appreciates work done with care. Even predictable, songs are well written, performed by talented and experienced musicians. This will probably not get Blodsrit to leave the Swedish second division for the first, but will delight fans who appreciate the genre.

Originally written for Métal Obscur.