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Mildly Interesting - 78%

Woodworship, September 2nd, 2005

Ok so the opening track has near the beginning what can only be described as a really bad sign; a sample from what sounds remarkably like a reporter on the BBC. But from then on gets steadily better with some quite catchy riffs and drumming, albeit rather simple drumming. The vocals kick in soon and definitely are a high point of this album, being quite evil sounding achieving some sort of difference from the average black metal screams.
Track two sounds a lot dirtier and has much more feedback and general 'necro' feel about it. The vocals step up here and push towards the higher end of the vocal scale which goes quite well with the higher toned riffs and the ever present in the background drumming.
The next track continues in a similar vein although the 'necro' sound is considerably reduced but the guitars still have a great tone and the drumming remains pretty solid providing a beat for the track with the odd bit of noticeable drumming.
Track four is the stand out track for me, the riffing is very catchy and the vocals start with a great opening screech and continue from there. Definitely my favourite track this one, good all round riffing and feeling as well as some good drumming.
On the last track the vocals are lost quite a bit in the music, which although not necessarily a bad thing is not great. Quite catchy this track with some interesting guitar tone and a good atmosphere built up while still keeping a quite rough feel.
On the whole a pretty decent EP, nothing special really but definitely promising, I look forward to hearing future releases.