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It's A Draw! - 95%

Wooderson, October 10th, 2010

I've always looked at splits as kinda like a fight between both bands. Usually there is always a winner and in some cases, it's more than obvious who the loser is. Well folks, we definitely have a draw here as both Blockheads and Mumakil have successfully reached their goal of fucking you up with their unlimited arsenal of relentless grindcore.

Even though Blockheads hail from France, I hear a smidgen of German grind in them similar to bands like Systral, Carol and and to a lesser extent, Acme. Now before you freak out I'm not saying they sound exactly like those bands but they seem to have a similar chaotic whirlwindness (I just made that word up) about them. Their 3 tracks are pure grindcore bliss and it's a damn shame their status in the grind world isn't higher. This is truly devastating on all levels.

Hailing from Switzerland, these former CERN scientists (ok..I'm lying) discovered that researching particle physics is not nearly as entertaining and fulfilling as crafting some good old grindcore. The intensity found on their half of this split is consistent with the crippling pain that occurs with an anal abscess, except in a good way. Over the last couple of years Mumakil have proven themselves to be one of the leaders in the grindcore movement and they continuously release stellar material. Their portion here is no exception - killer all the way through.