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Blo.Torch - Plan B - 81%

Metal_Matt, June 24th, 2004

The more I look the more I’m finding it a common occurrence that there are simply some bands out there of whom the record labels need to take notice of. Blo.Torch is one of these bands. For those not familiar with the group, Blo.Torch is a melodic death/thrash metal band out of the Netherlands. They are Chris van der Valk - vocals, Marvin Vriesde - guitar, Hassan Moechtar - guitar, Sander Koole - bass, and Pascal Rappailles - drums.

Blo.Torch was originally signed to Earache and released, under them, their self-titled album in 1999. However, they are no longer a part of that record label and are currently looking for someone to release their new album Volatile.

I became aware of this band when I was recommended their demo Plan B. I was very impressed with this recording. The production is very solid, and the songs themselves are very well written and performed. The opening track, Razorjob, starts of with a very fast paced melodic thrash riff to get your head banging. The riffing is quite brutal on this song and it holds the spot as my second favorite number.

The second song , The Ties that Blind, slows down just a little bit, however, it’s still pretty quick. Unfortunately, there is nothing really stand out about this song so, even though it’s a solid track, there is nothing that jumps out and grabs you so I would have to say this is the weakest song on the demo.

The third song is entitled Vermin Circle. I absolutely loved this song, and it’s by far my favorite of all the tracks. The opening riff is great, the vocals are awesome and the drumming is also very high quality. The verse riff chugs along and then hits you with a slightly more melodic riff afterwards. At 1:53 the song brings back in the opening riff and then moves into the bridge which has a “building” feel to it. Then to close the song at 3:38 there is a killer thrash riff that really completes the song. This is easily the best track.

The final song, Scattered Ashes Lay, starts off much slower than the other tracks with a very doomy sounding riff. In fact the song doesn’t pick up the pace until 1:21 when it brings in some very cool thrash riffs. The song is still very mid-paced when compared to the rest of the album though. However, this is still a really great song and the vocals are especially good on this song. A very good finish to a very solid demo.