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Throne Of. . .DIRT! - 94%

PhallicMcAllister, April 20th, 2004

Get this, NOW! It’s like Demilich's "Nespithe", or Anacrusis' "Suffering Hour", you have the venue, and you should pick this up immediately, especially if you're a fan of bay area thrash. Like other reviewers have said, it's very reminiscent of bands like Testament, early Metallica, etc., but with a fairly unique sounding vocalist.

Among The Legacy: A great, semi-anthemic song. The riffs are very catchy, and so is the chorus (AMONG THE LEGACYYYYYYYYY), not to mention a great solo section before the last verse. I like this song quite a bit, and even so it's probably the weakest on the EP.

Faded Glory: This is the first “epic” song of the album. It’s got a chugging riff that we’ve heard a lot before, but what can I say, I still like it. The chorus is also fairly catchy, the only thing is the death vocals Andy Lobas tries to do on the last line of the chorus, doesn’t really work for him. This song also has a great solo, probably my favorite on the album, and for some reason it always reminds me of something off of . . .And Justice For All. Overall, another great effort.

Throne Of Dirt: This is THE song off of the album, easily the best thing on here. Another thrash epic, and the kudos I give to it are mostly the same as the first two songs. Great riffs, a great chorus, and a great solo section. Don’t take this to mean that all the songs are the same, they just do the same things right.

To conclude, this is a great EP. I try not to use abstract opinions when talking about something, but it really is a “fun” CD. Last time I checked you could download it off of their site, so go get it if you haven’t heard it yet. And hopefully you’ll like it as much as me, and begin awaiting their first full-length release like I am.

Best demo ever - 95%

BadOmen, June 7th, 2003

Now this is how thrash is supposed to be. Fast and furious, but with enough melody so it doesn't get repetitive and boring. Even though this is just a three song demo those three songs are some of my favorite thrash songs ever. The production is also some of best I've ever heard from a demo. The guitar work is complex with top notch drums and vocals. And the songs are very mature for a band who hasn't even released a studio album yet. Blistered Earth has only been around since 1999 and are already better than a lot of bands that have been around since the early 80's!

The stand out track on the demo would be the epic masterpiece Throne of Dirt. Very fast and medolic with little acoustic passages thrown in here and there. There is also a nice death metalish vocal harmony over the chrous that adds a good kick to it.

So if you're looking for a new thrash band that already has their shit together look no further. I can only imagine how good these guys will be 5 years from now after they mature even more. I just hope they don't end up going downhill like so many of their predecessors.

Blistered Earth..Bay area...err New England thrash - 93%

infamous_madbutcher, February 12th, 2003

What we have here is a 20+ minute 3 song thrash demo heavily inspired by 80's thrash. I absolutely love this demo. First track is Among the Legacy which kicks off strong from the get go. . Track 2 called Faded Glory is a real ass kicker. When I hear this song its hard to believe this band isnt from the bay area and this demo wasnt released in 1985. Packed full of riffs and time changes, I hear alot of Testament influence in this song. Track 3 entitled "Throne of Dirt" happends to be my favorite song from this demo. Its hard to desribe what is so great about this song, but it just feels very layered with time changes and tons of riffs. The clean riff after the first solo in the intro really grabbed my attention when I first heard it. This song really sounds Exodus/Megadeth inspired and clocks in at over 9 minutes.
Blistered Earth is one of those bands that can show their influences in a song without being labeled as a clone. It is good to see a band that has well played riffs, drums, and vocals. Definately keep an eye out for both this demo and the band.