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Superb DVD in Every Way - 90%

DeviousDarren, December 15th, 2007

Earlier this year, BLINDED BY FAITH released their first live album, “Imperial Collapse: Live in Quebec City.” The said CD not only featured rich melodies of the DIMMU and IN FLAMES kind, but the production was top notch. The Quebec, Canada-based outfit also released a DVD of the show by the same name to provide visual evidence of their onstage perfection.

BLINDED BY FAITH’s record label, Galy Records, acclaim the group as Quebec City’s most popular metal artist. Their DVD proves this statement. Cameras depict the packed venue’s moderately sized population banging their heads in unison while flying the horns in abundance. And why wouldn’t the patrons become impassioned at this show? The sound is steller, the set is right on, the light show is spectacular; BBF knows how to work a crowd.

The show’s set list includes material from a career perspective. BBF plays some of their best material from their two releases “Under an Occult Sun” and “Veiled Hideousness.” Fans were also treated to advance songs from their upcoming album “Weapons of Mass Distraction,” undoutably the group’s most mature album to date. These tracks include “Finger on the Trigger,” “The Dead Don’t Talk.”

The only negative point of the DVD is the bonus tracks, filmed through a home recorder, showing the band on the road. The language here is French Canadian and for some reason the subtitles are in French, too.

Anyone that made the wise decision to purchase a Blinded By Faith album should do your self a favor and pick up “Imperial Collapse: Live in Quebec City.” Seeing the band in action really puts their music into perspective. Those who haven’t heard this great band, should check out the live album first, and if bands like DIMMU BORGIR, IN FLAMES, and CRADLE OF FILTH are appealing, plus you are looking for a symphonic black metal album with fresh ideas, especially in the lyric department, check this band out.