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Unique and Diverse Melodic Death. - 90%

rokawhite, October 12th, 2007

This album is a piece of unique melodic death metal, drawing it's sound from a variety of influences, of which the most clear one is Kalmah.

So what makes it different? In my opinion, it's the diversity in the songs. This is what diffrenciates this album from generic melodic death metal, which can be quite monotonous. The use of keyboards on the album is extensive. Of all the instruments, the keyboard stands out the best.

On the music front, the guitars are very well played, with timely and diverse riffing. Influence is drawn from many genres of metal, including speed, folk and industrial metal. The production is clear, making it easy to lose yourself in the music.

Another highlight of this album is the effects. For example, at about 2:30 in "The Black Letter" the riffing has an almost industrial feel to it. In the beginning of "Thornhearts", an orchestral feeling dominates. "All For The Unspoken" begins with a heavy, almost melancholic note. Soon, insane riffing follows.

Apart from this, the vocals are a show of great skill as well. Many songs are a perfect blend of growls, clean singing and screams.

Overall, this is a revolutionary piece of melodic death metal, and is a must-buy for fans of the genre.

Highlight Tracks : All For The Unspoken, Shotgun Symphony.