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Amazing first full-lenght album! - 96%

Frankcool, September 21st, 2007

It's my first review and I'm not so good at reviewing albums or bands, but nobody have made it so far for this one, so I felt like I had to. Because this band is awesome.

Symphony of Delusions is a fresh album, with many different influences. I don't like to put genres on bands. It is clearly very melodic though. There is a lot of variety through all the songs. The vocals are sung differently very often. It goes to the high harsh vocals, to the deep death growl, and beautiful clear singing.

The keyboard is a very important instrument in Blind Stare. They use it both to create atmospheres, and for the lead. Even when it is in the background, we can hear it distinctively. They put amazing interludes/breaks to let you relax before the next part; nevertheless, they manage to keep it epic. Drums are also a good part. Basic patterns, to odd beats, tempo changes; it's impossible to get bored when you listen to this album.

And obviously, the guitars. Very nice melodies all over the album. Melodic death metal or folk-like riffs, you'll hear everything. Very powerful, almost emotional, touching parts in some songs.

They also put some brilliant effects in some songs. Just take Shotgun Symphony for example. Around 4:16, the shotgun sound and bass sliding out downwards is just amazing. You have to hear this. The following part of the song (the chorus, I guess) is very powerful and epic. Again, beautiful keyboard.

I'll skip the lyric part, English isn't my first language.

All in all, Symphony of Delusion is one of my favorite metal albums. Buy it, RIGHT NOW! Seriously, if you like, epic symphonic melodic death black metal, or whatever it is, you'll love this one.

My favorite songs would be: My Black Letter, An Insane's Diary, Part II, Shotgun Symphony, Words of Truth... Ah, forget it... I love every track on this album!