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Welcome To The Sane Asylum! - 91%

Human666, April 21st, 2007

'The Sane Asylum' is a different thrash album, because it isn't only a thrash album. There are a lot of prog rock influences here and some other vibes here and there which makes this album sounds different, not like a typical riff monster thrash album which concentrating on mind blowing riffs at 250BPM. It has a unique sound also, it sounds a bit fuzzy and occult sometimes and creates a special atmosphere.

The albums begins with a short track which is also the title track. It starts pretty calmly with clean and pleasent guitar and then bang! The distorted guitars comes in swiftly with some powerful power chords and so the vocals comes in. 'Mark Biedermann' has a bit limited vocal range but he doesn't hold this album back. He sounds raw and dirty, he doesn't changes his approach for the whole album but he sounds pretty good. There are also some echos on his voice which gives him a muffled shade. Overall he isn't an outstanding vocalist but he is a pretty decent one and fits this album perfectly. 'Blood Shower' is my favorite track here! It begins with a fast riffage with middle eastern vibe and changes all the time and develops pretty good. The vocals are angrier than ever, especially at the brutal chorus. It's an awesome track with topnotched riffs and amazing leading guitars. 'Kamkazi' is the ballad of the album. It's a wonderful track with emotional solos and sweeping vocals. It keeps on a calmly mood in the verses and becomes piercing at the chorus like a buzz saw. 'Smash The Crystal' has an interesting dialogue between the guitars and the intensive bass in the beginning. It also has a pretty catchy chorus and straightforward riffing.

It's a shame that this album is such overlooked because this is one of the most original and uniques albums that were written in the thrash scene. This is one of the more creative albums I've heard and I've never heard something which sounds even a bit similar to the unique atmosphere and ideas in this album. Highly recommended for anyone who fonds qualitative music!