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Blind Illusion - Second 1983 Demo

Seeds Of Genius & Sanity - 84%

Rael, June 11th, 2007

First: "Arc The Iron" kicks shitloads of ass. David Godfrey's voice is sometimes a little thin, but Marc Biederman's bloodthirsty riffs and soaring melodic lines make this song a lost classic of progressive heavy metal. It's aligned with early Fates Warning and early Judas Priest in vibe and atmosphere, with murderous intent in some of the riffs and a more sublime harmonic element elsewhere. Even Biederman's solo kills. And he continues to rip on through the beginning of "Blind Sun". The song is a more groove-laden track (back when "groove" was not a bad word in metal), with some nice tries by Godfrey on the chorus. He never quite hits the really high notes he's going for, but what he's envisioning is good enough to carry his wavering voice right on through.

Listening to these two songs, it becomes apparent that the next demo, 'Trilogy of Terror', was textbook-definition "transitional" material, marrying the melodic prog-metal glory of these two songs with the thrash that would come later (and which they would be best known for). Blind Illusion left fans wanting more after 'The Sane Asylum', which they never delivered a follow-up to. Their early demos don't quite replace the never-released second Blind Illusion album, but they do manage to offer a satisfying glimpse into Biederman's early creativity.

Sounds completely different from 1988 - 72%

Human666, June 7th, 2007

The first time I heard this band was with their only LP 'The Sane Asylum' which sounded like a blend of pretty much different styles into one brilliant album. However, I can't say the same thing about this demo, because it's a very consistent one. This is a pure traditional heavy metal demo, and it's sounds not bad at all.

It contains only two tracks, each of them is pretty short and has catchy melodies and riffs as well, but it doesn't rise above too much. There aren't any fast moments here, the songs played at mid tempo mostly and the riffing sounds very simple and melodic. The progression and surprises which will be highly noticeable in their LP doesn't exist here, there aren't any brilliant breaks or C-Parts as well, the songs written in a simple formula of "verse-chorus-verse" and doesn't changes more than that.

'David Godfre' has a high tone and deliverers the lyrics pretty lively, he sounds a bit feminine here...but whatever. I perosnally liked more 'Biedermann' as vocalist, but for this style 'Godfre' sounds proper.

If you already heard 'The Sane Asylum' I recommended you to get this demo, it will surprise you pretty much to hear this band with such different sound. However, if you looking only for one release, I suggest you to get 'The Sane Asylum' because it's just more better. Not bad at all, but nothing more than this.