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...blueprints for madness... - 82%

Rael, June 11th, 2007

Blind Illusion's 1986 demo was the first to point in the direction that would culminate in 1988's 'The Sane Asylum'. Taking the progressive elements of their earlier material into a speedier forum, this Blind L (as they were nicknamed) is more chaotic and complex than earlier incarnations. Marc Biederman's vocals are more manic, and less melodic, than previous vocalist David Godfrey, which suits the music perfectly.

Although the music is typically raw around the edges, it's too bad 'The Sane Asylum' didn't have the more powerful drum sound found here. Other than that, this 1986 take on "Blood Shower" is not that different from the eventual album version. Same goes for "Smash The Crystal". Both songs lack the awesome psychedelic-laced chemistry of 'The Sane Asylum', but they're still impressive slices of prog-thrash. This demo is where Blind Illusion really came into their own. Too bad that their evolution ended after only one album, because it seems they were just getting started.